The more experience I collect in supervision, the harder it becomes to remember how it felt to write my own first thesis. I thus need your help to make this guide more effective. Simply leave a reply for

  • questions you want answered
  • experiences you want to share
  • feedback in general


5 thoughts on “Contribute

  1. How to write a Thesis based on Design Science ( implementation of a prototype) where there is not a lot of text to write?

  2. Good question. Unfortunately, I do not have a good answer from the top of my mind. I suggest:
    – Read other similar Design Science theses to see how they handled this
    – Talk to your supervisor to understand his expectations and also what gets graded how much. In some areas of computer science, the implementation can be more important than the text. In others, its the other way around. Best to know beforehand 😉

  3. How many types of thesis are there?

    I mean, some paper are more theory oriented, some more application oriented, some are overview paper. What are some broad categories are there? For simplicity, let’s say in Computer Science field in Germany.

    1. Good question, but I honestly don’t know. I have never thought about thesis topic categories beyond some anti-patterns like “Implementation Only” or “Search my Literature” or such.

      I think about it more like different categories of work inside a single thesis, like “problem statement”, “approach”, “implementation”, “empirical study” etc. Depending on the topic, the relative importances of the categories are different. But they are typically all there and play an important role.

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