Elmar and I presented at TUM today how to do a guided research.

The slides are available here.

This was our first talk about guided researches, so if you have feedback or still open questions, we are happy to hear from you (in the comments or via mail)!

4 thoughts on “Talk at TUM: How to do a Guided Research

  1. I was looking for the theme anti-pattern and anything about that topic was hard to find. The only way I could get to this page was by searching for the right key words. Is there a intuitive way to find the download link from the main menu?

    1. Hi Lukas, thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear that you had trouble finding the slides.
      We put links to the slides of the most recent talks at TUM on the front page of the blog. So for the talk on guided researches, the latest edition was in February 2019. Were you looking for the slides from June 2018 (linked in this article)? If you were actually looking for the most recent slides, would you have expected a menu entry for the slides?
      Looking forward to your feedback!

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