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Avoiding Typical Pitfalls (not only) at TUM

This post is from Roman Haas. It focuses on more or less typical problems that appeared to himĀ and hisĀ friends during our theses and how to avoid them. They are described by anti-patterns, i.e. there is always a description of a

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What Makes a Good Thesis?

In order to produce a good thesis, you must understand what good means in this context. Should you implement something? What about a formal proof? Is an extensive literature survey necessary? An empirical evaluation? If so, which type?

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Why Write a Thesis?

Because you must. Formally speaking, a thesis project is a mandatory examination that you must take to get your degree. Regarding a thesis as just another exam, however, does not do it justice. Exams are formats tailored for ease of

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Phases of a Thesis Project

A thesis project is made up of several phases. These phases serve as categories for the posts in this guide. Browse posts by category, if your interest is particular to a certain phase.

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